Online Marketing

Getting the word out about your business goes beyond just having a well-designed website. You need an online marketing strategy to get the word and generate traffic to your website from your targeted audience. Just like traditional marketing, the world of online marketing has many different vehicles and techniques available to achieve your marketing goals.

Email marketing – Still one of the most effective online marketing tools available today. Drawing from the experience of direct mail marketing, email marketing provides a marketer with the opportunity for highly targeted one-to-one marketing . At Tangent Point Media, we can help your organization build a segmented automated email marketing campaign.

PPC Ad Management – Pay-per-click advertising has penetration rates greater than any other form of online advertising. And because it’s so popular, there’s a lot of competition. Tangent Point Media has years of experience creating, tracking and managing the entire PPC process. From keyword selection, to creating and testing ad copy to optimizing landing pages, we provide your business with a cost-efficient PPC campaign that delivers results.

Conversion Tracking – Of course, the best way to understand if online marketing efforts are working to the full potential is with conversion tracking. However your business defines a conversion, the marketing experts at Tangent Point Media can establish conversion tracking and reporting to allow you to understand your conversion metrics. Armed with the right conversion data, Tangent Point Media can develop a plan to fine tune your online marketing campaigns and increase ROI.

Need an online marketing plan? Talk with the experts at Tangent Point Media for ideas on how to reach your marketing objectives.

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